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Aoanla is a physicist/systems support guy for the UK bit of the LHC experiment at CERN in real life, and therefore already had some experience in looking at high-speed collisions before getting into roller derby. He writes bout reports for the bouts he turns up to on his own blog, but is now planning on writing articles and bugging people for interviews here, too.

The 2018 Roller Derby World Cup: Rating and Pairing, a postmortem

The 2018 Roller Derby World Cup’s main tournament was an exceptionally large event for a track sport, with 38 teams across all experience levels from world-leading to entirely new to the world stage. With a number of constraints placed on … Continue reading

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Ranking mechanisms from sport and Roller Derby

While Roller Derby still has a huge problem with availability of public statistics, relative to most other sports, there’s quite a few ranking systems around to rank teams on score. Most of them, however, draw from WFTDA’s own points-based ranking … Continue reading

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Roller Derby and Simulation… Pt1

All of the roller derby rating systems I am aware of assign a single value to the “strength” of each team, whether it’s the official MRDA and WFTDA rankings and strength factors, the FlatTrackStats Elo rankings, or my own derived … Continue reading

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A guide to reading those Bayesian ranking charts.

While they were intended to provide a useful visual reference for skill distribution (and something I’ve personally wanted to have a source of for several years), it seems that my Bayesian probability distributions for team skill are more a source … Continue reading

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Saudade and Video Games: Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we talked about the two custom chips in the Amiga which contributed to the graphical excellence of the platform compared to its competitors. In this part, we will talk a bit about … Continue reading

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Saudade and Video Games: Part 2

The first part of this series was concerned with how one part of the Amiga’s chipset, Angus, helped to make it attractive to the artistic hacking movement known as demoscene. This part concerns another part of the chipset, Denise, and … Continue reading

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Saudade and Video Games: Part 1

The timing of the Amiga’s 30th Anniversary yesterday was fortuitous, as I’ve been planning a series of somewhat reflective essays relating to computer culture as it affected me in the late 80s through 90s. You can consider these a kind of … Continue reading

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